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Residential & Commercial Asphalt Repairs

Extend the life of your driveway or parking lot with prompt and professional asphalt repairs from C K Parking Lot Maintenance. As a homeowner, a poorly maintained driveway will decrease both your property value and curb appeal and as a small business, having a damaged parking lot is not only hazardous to your customers but to your company’s image as well. After years of traffic and extreme weather exposure, asphalt maintenance is required, and if you aren’t serious about fixing it, your savings account will see the consequences. As the leading asphalt repair company in the area, no job is too small or large for us. From patching potholes to sealing cracks, we do it all.

If you don’t fix your driveway or parking lot, there’s a higher chance that asphalt repairs won’t be an option anymore. Taking care of the problem right away is essential to preventing total (and costly) replacements. If you’ve noticed more cracks, potholes, warping, pooling water, or faded color, it’s time for asphalt maintenance. If pooling water makes its way into pre-existing cracks, it will cause more damage and increase risks for accidents. We’re a company that cares and we’re here to save you money with our long-lasting repairs. 

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Save Yourself From Replacements

  • Increase the safety of your customers with commercial asphalt repairs. Potholes can cause more accidents in your parking lot, but consistent repairs will ensure your customers stay safe.

  • Enjoy a higher property value with regular asphalt maintenance. Our team will make sure your driveway stays beautiful, smooth, and pothole-free.

  • Save money by avoiding replacements. Our asphalt crack repairs will ensure that existing cracks in your driveway or parking lot won’t widen from pooling water or heavy rainfall.

  • Take advantage of our experienced team. We’re experienced in providing asphalt repairs and are always available to answer your questions and provide professional advice. 

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